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Power of Your Thoughts

Exercise. We know it is supposed to be good for us. It lifts our mood. Gives us energy. Helps us sleep. Gives us an appetite. Helps us live longer to be around those we love and who love us.

Exercise is movement. Any movement. Just get up and move.

Get up and move?

How do we do that when our thoughts muck up the process?

What kind of exercise should we do? What if we don’t like to run, lift weights, or even go to the gym? What if we would rather do a sporting activity but there are none for adults in our area? What if we keep telling ourselves “I don’t have the time?”

All of that is our internal critic. The critic doesn’t want you to do anything. And it’s the only thing getting in our way.

So, the reason we do or don’t do anything is all in our heads. If we think we will exercise and agree with that thought, then we will do it. If we think we will exercise then come up with an excuse to do the dishes instead, we’ll have clean dishes. It is all in how we think.

Our internal critic will keep coming up with excuses, which will keep us from doing anything. From getting off the couch, from eating a healthy snack, from telling that person we love them. That critic can think of a million reasons why we should wait to do that thing we want to do.

Guess what? Those excuses are just thoughts. We can change them. We have the ability to change them anytime we want.

So what can you do? Take a small step.

Try changing one negative thought per day. You don’t have to keep the new thought. Change it back tomorrow if you want. Just give it a try. If you change it back the next day at least you know you have the ability to change it at any time. And you can do this with any thought.

Want to get off the couch and walk around the block. Think it and start moving. You can’t wait for motivation to inspire you. Motivation only follows action. Start doing and your motivation will follow and you’ll walk that block. Maybe two, if you dare.

This sounds so simple and hokey, I know. It works with practice. As does any new behavior. The only reason you may not try this is because you think it won’t work. But guess what? You’re using your power of thought right now to not try it. And look what’s happening. You’re not trying it.

Wonder what would happen if you think it would work?


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