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About me

My practice is to be your guide in a supportive role as we explore the best therapeutic process for you. The hope is that this process will open you up to a better self-awareness, balance in life, and personal satisfaction.  Together we'll create a plan that will change over time as you gain more understanding of yourself and grow.


Over the past 20 years I have gained experience working with clients reporting depression, anxiety, bipolar symptoms and other mental health concerns. I have worked with clients struggling in relationships, parenting, grief, substance use and other emotional issues.


I use cognitive behavioral skills, internal family systems and emotion focused therapy techniques in my therapeutic process.  I believe those approaches are helpful for people to develop the skills needed to make positive changes.  We can discuss referrals for medication assistance if we conclude together that you would like to explore this type of treatment in addition to your psychotherapy.

I look forward to helping you explore and work through your concerns.

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