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Good Luck Thinking Positive: Mindset

Your mindset is the filter in which you see and engage the world. If you want to complete a goal or finish a project but you can’t seem to get out of your own way, then there needs to be a change in your mindset.

Do you look at everything with jaded cynicism? Good luck seeing anything positive around you. Good luck connecting with other positive thinking people. Those folks are crushing it. How annoying.

Do you look at everything with possibility and wonder? Good luck seeing any task as too difficult to complete. Good luck trying to hang around those friends or co-workers who have a jaded cynical view of the world. Those folks are being crushed.

It is not an easy-fix-you science here. It is the truth. Your mindset will determine your feelings about yourself and other people, thus determining how you will engage. If you want to try to change your mindset, just practice for an hour a day. Go out and people watch. Like the practice in the last blog post. Instead of wondering what they are thinking about, think about how wonderful they are. The good things they are doing in their lives. Maybe you are giving to charities, feeding the homeless, driving electric cars, mailing you a check for a million dollars.

Just do it for an hour each day. I’m sure you can find the time, like when you’re driving to or from work. At work. During your grocery store errand (if you still shop in person).

This could be your Healthy Habit to acquire for the New Year or new season or just because you need to make some kind of change in your life. You can workout your mind, like you can workout your body. You’ll strengthen your positive thinking muscle. We all have it. It’s just a little weaker in some of us.


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