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You Need to Choose You

Our current culture has been set up not to benefit humans but to benefit business.

I'm talking about the culture where we are expected to show up to work at an expected time, do the expected work, and show some kind of proof that we've done the work. And during the course of the day we are only allowed to eat, rest and leave when permitted.

This is not a model made to accommodate healthy human needs. It's a model made so businesses can profit. Humans are not designed to live that lifestyle. It doesn't benefit us. It benefits business.

Business will always choose business. Humans need to choose humans.

I am not saying that business an evil entity to be vanquished back to the hell from which it was spawned, or that we should not offer our services to business. I am saying we need to acknowledge we are following this lifestyle model and that we need to question it, especially if it is proving detrimental to our health.

Business needs bodies to increase productivity and raise profits in order for it to survive. Nowhere in that statement are human needs considered. Humans had to fight for weekends, holidays, sick time, paid-time-off, vacations, etc. in order to get their needs partially met. Business did not give those things out of the kindness of its non-existent heart.

Plenty of humans have died in service of business. I have yet to see that same sacrifice from business. Yes, plenty of businesses have gone "out of business", but they didn't die. Business still exists, and the model persists.

Business is structured under the belief that there is one size to fit all. One size never fits all. Humans are too diverse in their needs, wants and likes. While the model works well for many people, it also fails to work for many people. The recent pandemic has had many of us working from home. That model has worked well for many people (I am one of them), and it also failed many people. There are still many positions in businesses that can't be done via computer from home. But the ones that can should provide that as an ongoing option. There are plenty of candidates who would love that opportunity.

This is not a call to get rid of business. That would not be good for anyone. This is more of a call for us to question the current model and look at what changes can be made that will benefit human beings. Then let's consider how we can work for business.

We've been trying to do this the other way around and it has lead to feelings of misery for many. Depression and anxiety continue to trend on the rise. It isn't just the business model causing that trend, but it is one factor. Our feelings are the primary indicator that something is wrong. And something has been wrong for a long time.

Think of your health. What do you need to be healthy, mentally and physically? Only you can make the changes you need to care for yourself. Others will not do it for you. You can choose what business fits best for you. There are companies that have good cultures and are willing to be adjustable to your needs as a human.

Change doesn't happen overnight, in a day, week, month. It may take longer. The sooner you start on your path of change, the sooner it will happen.

Sometimes we wait for the change to happen instead of making the change within ourselves first.

You are under no obligation to stay where you are. Business will always choose business. Humans need to choose humans.


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