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Too Many Changes at Once?

I believed that I was trying to make too many changes at once.

I wanted to cut back my use of alcohol. I wanted to only partake on special occasions. This has been working. I'm keeping up with it. Though, I am being careful/mindful of my thoughts, because "what is a special occasion? " Anything. So, I defined special occasions as holidays, birthdays, and celebrating accomplishments.

I wanted to post a positive comment each weekday of this year, so that I could write a book of my own reflections on those positive comments. I knew that would need to schedule my posts ahead of time if I wanted accomplish this goal. I did not keep up with it, because I did not plan on when I would pre-write and pre-schedule these posts.

I wanted to change my diet to healthier options and I didn't want to snack at night. I have only been able to go five days in a row without snacking before bed. I didn't keep up with it, because I didn't have a plan on how not to snack or what to do when my snacky thoughts wanted me to snack.

I wanted to revise and publish my novel this year. Maybe two novels this year. I had a plan to write and/or revise each morning for an hour. I watched YouTube videos on the steps I need to take to self-publish. I took notes to make a rough draft of those steps. I'm still revising and writing an hour each morning.

These are just a few things I wanted to do to this year. Reviewing this list, I see I have set myself up to fail. I wanted to do these things, but why was I not accomplishing these goals?

At first, I thought I was trying to make too many changes at once. This could be true, but many people manage success when they attempt multiple changes in life. So, what was I missing? A clearly defined plan and path for each goal.

Wanting isn't enough to accomplish something. I need to know my destination. How I'm going to get there and what method do I need to take in order to get there?

I found minimal success with some of those goals because I had a vague plan. I am eating healthier by reading up on healthy food options and cutting down on alcohol use. I'm writing and revising each morning. But I know I need to do more to be consistent in order to see more success with those goals.

So, it is back to the note pad. It is time to write down those directions (paths) to my destinations. And most importantly, to walk those paths.


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