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Mind Matters

Your thoughts and actions define you only in that moment, you are so much more.

Mind Matters

Share your expectations with others, they can't meet them if they don't know.

Mind Matters

Just because someone says it out loud does not make it true.

Mind Matters

Find happiness in what you have, you are fortunate to have it.

You're Killing Your Time

It is easy to do. I used to do it in my teens and twenties spending hours in front of the TV watching shows that didn’t really enhance my...

Catch Your Distorted Thinking

Feelings may seem complicated. It may be helpful to know that feelings are accompanied by thoughts. You may not notice the positive or...

Power of Your Thoughts

Exercise. We know it is supposed to be good for us. It lifts our mood. Gives us energy. Helps us sleep. Gives us an appetite. Helps...

The Post-Holiday Blues

It happens earlier every year. The Christmas music on the radio. I remember having to buy tapes and CDs (this shows my age) if I wanted...

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